Performance Management


In today’s data-driven world, there’s no excuse for flying blind. And yet, that’s exactly what many organizations and the executives within them continue to do. chances of success.

Tower Strategy Group helps senior executives make data-driven decisions that maximize their organizations performance and efficiency while adapting to increased customer and service demands, fluctuating budgets and Federal or Corporate mandates. We have hands-on experience creating strong alignment around a central and clear set of performance objectives by defining what performance means in client organizations, establishing the KPIs needed to manage that performance, baselining existing performance levels and building a set of targets for improved performance going forward. For Federal clients, we do this at the Agency, Department and Program levels. For Private Sector clients, we focus on Corporate- and Operating Division-level performance.


We help organizations figure out which KPIs they should target and the steps needed to achieve those outcomes.

Knowing that dashboards alone don’t create action, we drive these performance measurement efforts through to execution, defining the specific steps needed to close performance gaps, capture the resulting gains and improve corporate / agency, division, program and service performance. Including through a hands-on approach where we embed with client teams and facilitate execution.

Questions We Help Answer:
  • What qualitative and quantitative metrics, including customer and stakeholder satisfaction, define success for our organization?
  • Why are we falling short of those metrics today?
  • What specific, tangible steps can we take to improve our performance going forward?
  • How do we deploy our people and structure our work to take advantage of those opportunities?
  • What can we learn from others who have tackled similar challenges in the past?
Our Core Performance Management Services Include:
  • Best Practices Identification and Application
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Performance Dashboarding
  • Balanced Scorecards



Cost Management


Understanding that the bottom line is a priority concern for any organization, Tower Strategy identifies and integrates cost management activities to provide a comprehensive performance and value matrix to clients. Helping them not only pinpoint where the cost optimization or productivity improvement opportunities lie but by also rolling up our sleeves and helping them capture those opportunities.

We assist clients throughout the cost management lifecycle, from initial financial forecasting through identifying and implementing specific cost control and productivity enhancement measures. Leaning on our proprietary Load Balancing ™ framework, we help our clients identify and implement realistic opportunities to recover value through centralizing and consolidating resources and processes and improving the way in which their headcount is deployed. Opportunities which lead to reduced overlap and redundancy. While maintaining or improving the quality of service delivery to stakeholders and customers.


We help clients map the resource levels required to deliver on their mandates and the precise moves needed to rebalance that cost structure.

Questions We Help Answer:
  • Where is our organization too fat? To thin?
  • What realistic expectations can we set for an improved cost structure?
  • How do our resources (number and types of people) need to be reworked to capture those savings?
  • Which practices will allow for discipline and accountability within our Shared Services?
Our Core Cost Management Services Include:
  • Shared Services Optimization
  • Enterprise Cost Management
  • Best Practices Identification and Application
  • Cost Analysis and Budget Formulation
  • Financial Forecasting





We match product, service and program innovation with market opportunity. Knowing that the most technologically competent product or sophisticated service doesn’t always win, we frame the capabilities your company can deliver in the context of what your customers want, the channel will support and investments your competitors are making. Substantially de-risking innovation investments, narrowing the focus of those efforts to only the most meaningful opportunities and improving our clients’ overall chances of success.


We allow our clients to peer deeply into and take advantage of emerging opportunities within their markets.

Leaning on the proven Real-Win-Worth It framework, combined with our 360-degree market due diligence capability, Tower Strategy rapidly screens innovation opportunities to help clients make “go” / “no-go” decisions. And, in cases where there is “go” decision, we then burrow down into the opportunity to develop a specific, detailed commercialization strategy that allows our clients to not only develop the product or service in question but to efficiently produce those products, secure the most advantaged sales and distribution platforms and drive usage and adoption across their target customer base.

Questions We Help Answer:
  • What unmet or underserved needs exist?
  • What is the basis of differentiation in this market?
  • Will the market window remain open through our NPD cycle?
  • What value chain gaps would we need to overcome to commercialize an innovation?
  • Will the channel accept and provide distribution for our new offering?
Our Core Innovation Services Include:
  • Market Assessment and Sizing
  • Customer Needs Assessment and Segmentation
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • Product and Service Definition
  • Value Chain Development
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

“You guys are uniquely differentiated at defining the specific factors that drive success in our markets and how to act on those drivers.”

- Division President at a $6B Industrial and Technology Solutions Player




Lowering Risk and Driving Value Creation

Tower Strategy Group supports corporations and leading private equity firms across the M&A lifecycle. Starting upfront by scoping which markets and sectors to focus and by conducting commercial due diligence on specific deals. Built on the backbone of our 360-degree commercial due diligence capability, we allow our clients to peer deeply into the macroeconomic trends, competitive dynamics and customer needs shaping their target markets. A capability which vets and de-risks our clients’ investment thesis, so they are not only better equipped during the bid and valuation process but also better informed about where and how to drive value creation once an asset is in their portfolio.


We excel not only at creating value creation plans but at working shoulder-to-shoulder to drive execution against them.

Post-deal, we help build and execute value creation plans to drive commercial growth. Defining how newly acquired assets can better position their capabilities to tackle unmet and underserved market opportunities. And, to support that, how to reconfigure operations to not only capture efficiencies (from reduced overlap / redundancy) but to make certain those operations have the strength and sinew needed to execute on commercial strategy. We don’t just advise, we roll up our sleeves and facilitate commercial and operational execution against the value creation plan. Getting beyond the board room to driving tactical, meaningful change on the front lines.

Questions We Help Answer:

  • Which adjacent markets warrant entry?
  • Is the target’s management team realistic about its upside?
  • What steps are necessary to accelerate revenue growth?
  • What sources of redundancy exist and how are they best streamlined?
  • How do we integrate the operations and culture of our organizations?

Our Core M&A Services Include:

  • Opportunity ID and Scoping
  • Candidate ID
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Value Creation Plans
  • Growth and Innovation Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Cost Management


International Expansion

Delivering Opportunities to Grow Your Global Footprint

Tower Strategy helps clients develop a deep understanding of the globalization opportunities available across both their commercial and operational footprints, how those markets are structured, the challenges and risks inherent in them and the specific business model, product / service, sales and marketing and operational innovation needed to tackle them. We understand that, to succeed at the local-market level, one must build strong connections back to the corporate center. And that, because of those interconnections, globalization strategies must take both corporate and local-market initiatives into account (e.g., brand innovation).


We help clients understand and pursue the globalization opportunities available to them.

Over the past decade, we have worked extensively with clients to tap into the market opportunity in over 60 countries. Mature, developing and truly frontier. With a lens not only towards which markets they should enter but also how to prioritize investments across their international portfolio, how to fund and service those markets and the implications on their global strategy (e.g., pricing and its impact on the gray market).

Questions We Help Answer:

  • Which international markets warrant entry?
  • Who are our prospective customers and how do we reach them?
  • How do customer needs differ and how do we need to adapt our existing portfolio?
  • Is the RTM mature enough to facilitate consumer access?
  • What risks should we be aware of and how do we best manage them?
  • What capabilities do we need and how best do we fund them?

Our Core International Expansion Services Include:

  • Opportunity ID and Scoping
  • Customer Needs Assessment and Segmentation
  • Market Assessment and Sizing
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Value Chain Development
  • Organizational Development


Organizational Development

Driving Employee Buy-In That Delivers Stronger Organizational Outcomes

To enable that approach, we’ve built an Operational Transformation Playbook ™. A set of tools that allows Tower Strategy, in partnership with its clients, to deploy customized, well-paced change within client organizations. Change that sticks. Covering the full range of elements needed in a restructuring program (analytics, organizational design, change management, etc.), we guide, build capacity within, facilitate and manage transformation. Your people author it. And they author it with a set of tools designed for use not by organizational design or process improvement professionals but by the layman. Resulting in far greater buy-in, stickiness and outcomes as compared to the cookie-cutter and overwhelming approach used by larger consultancies.


We believe in employee-led organizational restructuring

Running in parallel to the work they are already doing, we help to further accelerate implementation by leaning in on areas your team can’t or shouldn’t tackle. Either because of capacity, skill set, lack of objectivity or internal politics. Typically, these tend to be multi-stakeholder or new initiatives (e.g., standing up a new functional area or shared service) where there is no clear owner or substantial scoping work is required.

Questions We Help Answer:

  • Is our structure getting in the way of our commercial performance?
  • How do we manage and drive change through the organization?
  • What new capabilities do we need to build?
  • Are tasks misallocated across our shared services and centers of excellence?
  • How do we break down our fiefdoms and create better collaboration?
  • Organizational Assessment & Design Change Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Training and Retention Strategies
  • Process Improvement
  • Communications Development
  • Bottom Links / Blocks:

Our Core Organizational Development Services Include:

  • Organizational Assessment & Design
  • Change Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Training and Retention Strategies
  • Process Improvement
  • Communications Development

“Having worked with other consulting firms I found that the mix of service, guidance, expertise and output I received as a client was excellent for the investment we made with Tower. I would highly recommend Tower Strategy Group for M&A, commercial strategy, competitive benchmarking and business transformation.”

- EVP, Organizational Effectivess, Carlyle Group Portfolio Company



Strategic Planning

Helping Unify Vision and Drive Execution

Tower Strategy has worked extensively across the FORTUNE 500 and Private Equity portfolio companies to establish a clear vision for their organizations and to then cascade that vision down into multi-year goals, the strategies needed to achieve them and a progressive set of tactics to execute against those strategies. Typically delivering a 3-5 year Crawl-Walk-Run plan as the resulting operational roadmap, we provide clients with not only broad direction but also the specific actions needed to win in the next quarter and to create long-term resilience and advantage in their fast-changing markets.


We allow clients to connect vision and strategic intent to day-to-day execution.

Why? We understand no organization has the luxury to wait until next year for results. And short-term successes yield not only more immediate returns but often also serve as the foundation for the long-term. And that, with the pace of change our clients face, long-rage plans lacking an eye towards resilience based on anticipated structural changes in markets are destined to become outdated.

Questions We Help Answer:

  • What underserved market opportunities are available to my business?
  • How is my value chain evolving over the next 5 years and how do I stay relevant?
  • What level of budget and resourcing do we need to meet our goals?
  • How do we need to restructure our organization to support our vision and strategy?
  • Can we create clear, simple guidelines to keep mid-level management’s efforts and investments aligned with corporate goals?

Our Strategic Planning Services Include:

  • Visioning and corporate strategy development
  • Division and brand-level business planning
  • Business case development
  • Alternatives analysis and scenario planning
  • Strategy governance models
  • Organizational assessment

"Tower Strategy provided my team with unprecedented, deeply relevant strategic guidance as we moved into new markets. Their approach to meet our needs was collaborative, on point and realistic in meeting goals upon execution."

-Head of US Channel Strategy, Pfizer




Your Strategy May Be Dead On Arrival

Learn about the top eight issues we see around strategic planning and what you can do to avoid the pitfalls.

Core Market Growth


Tower Strategy helps market incumbents unlock stalled out growth. Or, in the case of declining revenue or profitability, to reinvigorate their corporations, operating divisions and brands. Using our proprietary Market-Advantage ™ framework, we are best-in-class at diagnosing the specific individual factors that drive share and profit performance in markets, our clients’ gaps relative to those drivers and the specific investments and tactics needed to overcome those performance gaps. Not just from a strategic perspective but also in terms of the structural and financial constraints hampering success. We do much more than provide a vision or strategy, we provide a clear operational roadmap for how to execute against that vision and strategy.


We are best-in-class at diagnosing the specific individual factors that drive share and profit performance in markets.

We’ve provided such services across the full range of our target industries. And while we focus on achieving long-term differentiation and advantage for our clients, we also recognize the need for immediate gains. Senior leadership teams and the Board are seldom patient when it comes to investment. As a result, we’re just as focused on “stroke of the pen,” quick-hit gain opportunities (e.g., realigned channel incentives) as we are on longer-term builds (e.g., NPD).

Questions We Help Answer:

  • How can we better manage the share-margin trade-off?
  • Why are we losing share in our core markets?
  • Where should our product enhancement efforts focus?
  • How do we better evangelize the channel and become a supplier of choice?
  • How much runway is left in our market and what can we do to reinvigorate it?

Our Core Market Growth Services Include:

  • Market and Customer Insights
  • Product and Service Optimization
  • Program Evaluation and Improvement
  • Channel Strategy and Expansion
  • New Segment Targeting
  • Pricing Analysis / Revenue Management
  • Sales and Marketing Optimization

“You guys are uniquely differentiated at defining the specific factors that drive success in our markets and how to act on those drivers.”

- Division President at a $6B Industrial and Technology Solutions Player