Performance Management


In today’s data-driven world, there’s no excuse for flying blind. And yet, that’s exactly what many organizations and the executives within them continue to do. chances of success.

Tower Strategy Group helps senior executives make data-driven decisions that maximize their organizations performance and efficiency while adapting to increased customer and service demands, fluctuating budgets and Federal or Corporate mandates. We have hands-on experience creating strong alignment around a central and clear set of performance objectives by defining what performance means in client organizations, establishing the KPIs needed to manage that performance, baselining existing performance levels and building a set of targets for improved performance going forward. For Federal clients, we do this at the Agency, Department and Program levels. For Private Sector clients, we focus on Corporate- and Operating Division-level performance.


We help organizations figure out which KPIs they should target and the steps needed to achieve those outcomes.

Knowing that dashboards alone don’t create action, we drive these performance measurement efforts through to execution, defining the specific steps needed to close performance gaps, capture the resulting gains and improve corporate / agency, division, program and service performance. Including through a hands-on approach where we embed with client teams and facilitate execution.

Questions We Help Answer:
  • What qualitative and quantitative metrics, including customer and stakeholder satisfaction, define success for our organization?
  • Why are we falling short of those metrics today?
  • What specific, tangible steps can we take to improve our performance going forward?
  • How do we deploy our people and structure our work to take advantage of those opportunities?
  • What can we learn from others who have tackled similar challenges in the past?
Our Core Performance Management Services Include:
  • Best Practices Identification and Application
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Performance Dashboarding
  • Balanced Scorecards



Cost Management


Understanding that the bottom line is a priority concern for any organization, Tower Strategy identifies and integrates cost management activities to provide a comprehensive performance and value matrix to clients. Helping them not only pinpoint where the cost optimization or productivity improvement opportunities lie but by also rolling up our sleeves and helping them capture those opportunities.

We assist clients throughout the cost management lifecycle, from initial financial forecasting through identifying and implementing specific cost control and productivity enhancement measures. Leaning on our proprietary Load Balancing ™ framework, we help our clients identify and implement realistic opportunities to recover value through centralizing and consolidating resources and processes and improving the way in which their headcount is deployed. Opportunities which lead to reduced overlap and redundancy. While maintaining or improving the quality of service delivery to stakeholders and customers.


We help clients map the resource levels required to deliver on their mandates and the precise moves needed to rebalance that cost structure.

Questions We Help Answer:
  • Where is our organization too fat? To thin?
  • What realistic expectations can we set for an improved cost structure?
  • How do our resources (number and types of people) need to be reworked to capture those savings?
  • Which practices will allow for discipline and accountability within our Shared Services?
Our Core Cost Management Services Include:
  • Shared Services Optimization
  • Enterprise Cost Management
  • Best Practices Identification and Application
  • Cost Analysis and Budget Formulation
  • Financial Forecasting