Evolving from a siloed to an integrated sales & marketing Model


Tower Strategy Group's client, a $1B+ healthcare organization, possessed a legacy sales and customer marketing structure that was segmented into 5 individual sales teams, each calling on an overlapping set of customers. With different messaging. Different collateral. And in an noncoordinated manner. The end result was a cumbersome organization that was inefficient due to duplication of efforts, inconsistent in the way it engaged customers and sub-optimized in terms of its ability to engage and excite those customers. Creating substantial confusion within the market, an inability to stake out a consistent position and a substantial level of irritation amongst customers.


Tower Strategy Group worked with the client's CMO and VP of Sales to deploy an integrated research and analytical program to:

  • Define how a best-in-class Enterprise sales and marketing organization manages the customer lifecycle (which touchpoints, which messages, which people, what cadence, etc.)
  • Assess key gaps relative to the client’s current state objectives, strategy, activities and resource levels and types
  • Identify structural alternatives that could bring the needed coordination, consistency and focus to the sales team and supporting marketing resources
  • Define how these resulting integrated sales & marketing effort would integrate with 5 individual back-end service capabilities via a Hunter-Farmer model
  • Capture and prioritize best practices from adjacent sectors and peers that could support that structure
  • Evaluate the incremental resource requirements necessary to operationalize that sales team (type and number of resources)
    • As well as how existing resources could be upskilled / retrained to support the new strategy
  • Define an implementation path for evolving from a siloed to an integrated, solution sales model


The client transformed its sales and marketing efforts, transforming it’s 5 siloed sales & marketing teams, each organized by service area, into a single integrated sales platform. Capable of representing the client’s entire portfolio while reducing customer confusion, expanding market coverage and driving a greater volume of pull-through and conversions within the market.